Lea Michele a ‘Bad Girl,’ Really?

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Does Lea Michele really have a “bad girl” side to her? The Glee star seems like the “girl next door,” so when she claims to have a “wild side” are fans actually buying into the idea?

In a recent interview, Lea Michele claims to have tattoos… 14 of them to be exact, but who really is counting?

I do have 14 tattoos… the wild stuff… if it’s there, it’s private.

If she is really wild (or has a wild streak) Lea’s privacy is somehow refreshing. While plenty of Hollywood’s young starlets show of their “wild side” almost daily it seems (see Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus), Lea Michele would rather not be seen partying it up in public.

It seems as if it is just her, her cat, and some reality television on the DVR. At least that is what Michele claims. It is enough to make one wonder if people will ever actually see Lea’s so called “wild side.” Then again, it is kind of nice to find a celebrity that keeps her private stuff, private.

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