Lea Michele Celebrates Odd Milestone

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Lea Michele celebrated an odd milestone on Thursday (April 19). The “Glee” star didn’t celebrate how long she’s been dating Cory Monteith or how many episodes of “Glee” she had filmed. No, Lea is celebrating 1.7 million Twitter followers.

One might expect a celebrity to celebrate a million or 2 million or 10 million, but 1.7 million Twitter followers… that is a new one. “1.7 million followers thats insane!!!! You guys are the best!!! Love you all!! Xoxoxoxo (sic),” tweeted Lea Michele. Look, the girl has plenty to celebrate these days so who can fault her for being happy.

Lea Michele’s show is getting decent ratings, she has a new boyfriend who takes her on fun weekend trips to Cabo and is planning a trip to Canada this summer. What more can a girl like Lea want. At least she took a little time away from work or gushing over Cory Monteith to show a little love to her fans. That was a nice gesture. It makes you wonder what milestone Lea will celebrate next… 1.75 million anyone?

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