Lea Michele & Cory Monteith: Trouble in Paradise?

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Lea Michele might just have a jealous boyfriend in Cory Monteith. At least that’s what one tabloid is saying, claiming that Cory is trying to keep Lea from falling in-love with another man!

As the tabloids are reporting, Cory Monteith is reportedly somewhat annoyed with reports that Lea is getting some “extra” attention from co-star Dean Geyer. Geyer is Michele’s new on-screen love interest.

Apparently Cory “told Lea to lay off having any interaction with Dean when they aren’t working.” According to a tabloid insider, Cory doesn’t want Michele to leave him for another co-worker. Jealous much?

Of course, RumorFix squashed the tabloid rumors. The thing is, people are going to believe that there is a little hanky-panky happening on the “Glee” set, whether there is! Perhaps this goes with the territory when one gets into a serious relationship with a co-star in the public eye. Now that Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are happy together, some people will try to create scandal where there is none.

So is Cory Monteith really that worried about who Lea Michele is hanging out with? One thing is for sure, Cory shouldn’t have to worry about Dean… he already has a girlfriend.

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