Lea Michele: Cory Monteith’s Girlfriend Recovers From Pulled Wisdom Teeth!

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‘Glee’ star Lea Michele hopped on Twitter on Tuesday to give a status update to her oral surgery. Is the actress still in pain? Has the swelling gone down any from having a pair of teeth pulled?

Although some may say that Lea Michele having her top two wisdom teeth out was no big deal, it certainly was enough of a “pain” to post multiple times about her teeth and recovery.

Thankfully, Lea felt quite a bit better on Tuesday than she did on Monday (even though she was reportedly out to lunch earlier in the day with Cory Monteith). Lea tweeted, “Already feeling so much better! Upper wisdom teeth are way less painful than the bottom!”

Of course, Lea did try to distract herself from any pain that she did have by taking in ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and watching several of her favorite shows that she had taped while on vacation in Europe with Cory.

So, what’s next for Lea Michele (and presumably boyfriend Cory Monteith)? How about a visit to ComicCon where she is expected to be on the ‘Glee’ panel. Talk about a fun and hectic life! No rest for the weary, that’s for sure.

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