Lea Michele Feeling Better After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

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For the most part, the stars of Glee keep a low profile, never being in the headlines for any scandals and are often pretty good at avoiding paparazzi hotspots. In fact, the only headline buzzing as of late regarding Glee is the fact that Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are involved in an off-screen relationship. Nothing too scandalous there, they are both adults and have the support of all of their co-stars. Speaking of co-stars, will Quinn be on the show when it returns in April? Perhaps that is another headline buzzing – are the writers killing her off or are they just going to make us sweat a little? It’s enough to keep many watching.

Well, with Glee not returning for another month, the stars are enjoying a little more downtime than usual – and some are using that downtime to their advantage. Lea Michele went on Twitter to let fans know that she is feeling much better since she had her wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. It definitely wouldn’t be much fun trying to sing the day after that kind of oral surgery, so it’s good for Lea that the cast has more time off than they do typically. Well, it’s good to know that Lea is recuperating well, her fans will be happy that she won’t be missing any episodes.

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