Lea Michele: ‘Glee’ Season 3 Spoilers

A number of Gleeks have tired of waiting for Glee season 3 to begin and are on the hunt for juicy secrets. Fortunately for them, Lea Michele and several other Glee cast members are more than happy to divulge plot spoilers.

Lea Michele

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Michele revealed that Glee season 3 will return to its classic rock roots. Glee season 3 will be all about “taking songs that used to be incredibly popular and reinventing them.” Fans will also get to see Rachel Berry starring in the musical and singing plenty of Broadway hits.

Lea Michele and the core group of Glee characters will continue to play a central role in season 3. This is the senior year for a number of the characters, including Quinn Fabray, Kurt Hummel, and Finn Hudson. With the main characters preparing for graduation, Lea Michele is correct in her prediction that devoted fans will “definitely want to see where [Glee characters are] going to go.”

Photo Source: Hollywood Reporter

Glee has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy. The Emmys air September 18th on FOX.

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