Lea Michele Just Eats ‘Grass’ to Maintain Figure?

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Lea Michele swears she doesn’t just eat “grass” to keep her figure. In fact, the Glee star swears she can eat just about anyone under the table if given the chance!

Featureflash / Shutterstock.comLook, it was just last year that Lea Michele lost a considerable amount of weight, at least by Hollywood standards. In a recent interview, Lea admits that it was not because of living on a diet of coffee (read about her love of coffee here) or just plain starving herself that helps her keep up her sexy figure. She actually blames her Italian heritage!

I’m half-Italian. I can eat some bitches under the table!

Of course, Lea Michele is a vegan, so some people might think she lives on tofu and salads, right? Not so fast, say Lea:

People get confused [thinking] I just eat grass.

Really, Michele should not have to prove any of this to anyone. The girl had jaw surgery a little over a year ago, which lead to her weight loss. She maintains her sexy figure through diet, a hectic work schedule, and plenty of dancing during her day job. No wonder she says she could eat anyone under the table!

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