Lea Michele Mad About NYC Horse Treatment

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Lea Michele is mad and she took it out on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg via Twitter. What has the ‘Glee’ star all up in arms? How about horse-drawn carriage rides?

From the sound of it, Lea Michele is not much of a fan of Cinderella. No one will see her heading to the ball on horse-power. No, Lea has partnered with PETA to campaign against the iconic carriage rides in central park. She has even threatened to leave NYC and never come back. PETA has fought with the city in an attempt to get Bloomberg to replace the carriage rides with classic cars.

Lea dramatically posted to her Twitter wall:

New York, u know how much I love you. But if I see another horse & carriage struggling in this winter weather I may not be able 2 be here.

She went on to urge her fans to join in her crusade against Bloomberg and the use of horses for tourist purposes.

Mike Bloomberg, please listen to the thousands of people who are saying that they no longer want horse & carriage rides in this city.

Has Lea Michele become the voice of PETA? Will the actress, who is from the Bronx, actually stick to her guns and leave New York City if the carriage rides are not curtailed? Aren’t there more important issues facing NYC?

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