Lea Michele: Marie Claire Topless Shoot Brings Glee to Fans (Video)

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Lea Michele’s topless Marie Claire photo shoot is sure to bring glee to “Glee” fans. On Marie Claire’s November 2010 cover Lea Michele has on an exotic metallic top but flip the pages and you’ll see that top is gone.

Gather’s Matt Clark wrote that Lea Michele’s interview in Marie Claire focuses on how people in her life told her time and again that she would not make it because she wasn’t pretty enough. Well, Lea Michele has certainly proved all her doubters wrong because she now stars on one of the most popular TV shows: “Glee.”

AZ Central reports that working on “Glee” has helped make Lea Michele feel beautiful. Her own teen years were a time of difficulty..

Speaking about “Glee”, Lea said, “‘Glee’ has made me feel beautiful. Now when people say that I don’t feel like they’re lying. ‘Glee’ has shown me that I am beautiful, that I can be beautiful no matter what I look like, what my weight is.

“I grew up in a community where what I looked like wasn’t considered beautiful and then I work on this show that proves it doesn’t matter what you look like, that you’re beautiful and that beauty is on the inside. So, yeah, I’m thankful.

National Ledger states that the confidence to go topless for the Marie Claire photo shoot came from working on “Glee.” Lea Michele says she had an amazing time with the photo shoot and that she’s happy she has found her place on television.

Lea Michele proves that you don’t have to be model like to make it big in Hollywood. What is more important than giant inflatables, being 5′ 10″ or having the perfect nose is having talent. Marie Claire’s cover is really beautiful and the photo shoot photos are even hotter! Good for her!


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