Lea Michele Meets West Side Story Cast, Dream Come True

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Lea Michele has experienced a truly exciting moment in her life – she tweeted about how excited she was to meet the original movie cast of West Side Story! Lea, star of Glee, said meeting the original cast members was truly a dream come true.

Lea Michele tweeted: “Having the best time at work today! Got to meet some of the original cast of West Side Story from movie! It was amazing!!”

Lea is currently playing the role of Maria from West Side Story which she is filming now as a school production for Glee.

Lea, who wanted so badly to star in West Side Story when it came to broadway a few years ago, says never to give up on your dreams, because eventually they will come true. What wonderful advice that is, and coming from a girl who has experienced her own dreams coming true.

Lea Michele tweeted: “Having another one of those beyond thankful moments at work.. When west side story came to bway a few years ago I wanted to do it SO bad! When I didn’t get it was so devastated. If someone told me then that a few years later I’d be playing the same part but on a tv show I wouldn’t have believed it. As cheesy as it is..dreams come true! Thats why never give up & when one door closes a huge window will open.”

How true those final words of Lea’s tweet are! Just because something might not work out initially as planned doesn’t mean that something bigger and better isn’t waiting for you just around the corner.

How exciting for Lea Michele that she is living a version of her dream right now.

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