Lea Michele Out with Cory Monteith, Caught by Fashion Police

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This weekend, Lea Michele was out with Cory Monteith at a Tinseltown event that had her cross-examined by the Fashion Police. All the hoopla was about an Emilio Pucci dress from the iconic designer’s fall 2012 collection.

While certain members of the E! Entertainment show’s sartorial team put their positive stamp on this style choice Lea wore to the 11th annual Crysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles earlier this week, some weren’t so sure about this somewhat busy print number, with its fishtail design and muted colors.

Joan Rivers was the first to weigh in about what the Glee star wore for the special occasion she attended with on- and off-screen boyfriend Cory Monteith. She just wasn’t sure how she felt about the frock, saying, “I liked it. I didn’t like it. I liked it.” Obviously, the comedienne was very confused by this choice of clothing.

However, George Kotsiopoulos was not.

He thought Lea looked great. Specifically, this fashion expert commented that Michele wasn’t “doing that stupid pose… I loved the easy hair. She looked beautiful.”

Kelly Osbourne agreed that the young actress “looked beautiful,” but it wasn’t because of the dress, a garment which this television commentator thought was not right for this fashionista’s petite body. In fact, Osbourne thought the this Pucci would have been better suited on someone like, say, Jennifer Lopez. You know, someone with a much curvier body.

As for Giuliana Rancic, she was complimentary about the whole situation, saying that this silhouette is “tough to wear. You have to have an amazing body” to pull it off. Still, the Fashion Police judge told the other arbiters that she thought Michele pulled off a look that was “super cool.”

And then, Joan Rivers weighed in once more, saying this about the dress Michele wore, “The sleeves are long. I think [Lea] did that purposefully to match her nose.”

Of course, Rivers was kidding when critiquing the Glee star. After all, that’s what she does best. Meanwhile, this particular talent is usually on point when it comes to her sartorial choices.

That said, what do you think about Lea Michele’s look in Emilio Pucci when she showed up at a fancy do with Cory Monteith? Further, do you think that this Fashion Police suspect rightfully escaped an arrest, or do you think she should have been cuffed and finger printed for what she wore in Los Angeles earlier this week? Thoughts?

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