Lea Michele Pregnant? Is ‘Glee’ Star Carrying Cory Monteith’s Child?

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Pundits dub Lea Michele pregnant but are these soothsayers hitting the right mark? Is the Glee actress who is dating co-star Cory Monteith with child?

Although this popular thespian, who is consistently said to be a very on-point fashionista, was recently rocking a loose top — making certain parties believe Michele has been hiding a baby bump — this rumor is false.

In fact, today a new report comments that Lea is far from pregnant. Or, at least so it appears as Michele steps out boasting one of the flattest stomachs in Hollywood. But, since the rumors don’t seem to quit, the articular thespian has gone to social media to tell the truth (she said on Twitter that she is not going to have a baby) and she also went on Jay Leno’s show to tell the truth again (another denial stating she is not with child).

So how does Lea Michele feel about all these people thinking she is going to have a baby within the next nine months? Surprisingly, this go-getter is upbeat, saying that because she is trending due to this untrue rumor, she feels as if she has “finally made it.”

That’s what she told Leno, making light of her “first fake pregnancy rumor” which Michele called “really awesome.”

While this isn’t the predictable response to what could be construed as some major talking behind her back, Lea Michele isn’t taking the low road. In fact, the Glee actress embraces everything, including beau Cory Monteith who isn’t, apparently, the father to the child she isn’t, apparently, expecting. At least not yet. Stay tuned and please give a shout out about this very specific conundrum below.

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