Lea Michele Seems Happy! Cory Monteith to Fault?

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Lea Michele was excited to be heading to the Lacoste L!ve pool party as part of Coachella week. Not only was she happy about the party, Lea had a big smile on her face for other reasons, too. Did you say Cory Monteith?

“‘Now everybody ask me why I’m smiling’ out from ear to ear’ :),” tweeted Lea on Saturday night. Perhaps she is finally admitting that she and Cory Monteith are really an item. There have been plenty of people questioning whether Lea Michele and Cory were officially a couple off-screen like they are on Glee. Perhaps last weekend’s vacation to Cabo answered those questions.

Of course, a couple of hours later, Lea Michele hit the Lacoste party. This is when the smile must have gotten really huge. “Hanging @ the @LACOSTELIVE pool party! Think I just saw a really hot 6’3 Canadian with a tribal arm band hanging by the pool.. So happy:),” said Lea on Twitter. Was this some mystery man she was tweeting about?

Hardly. Do you see the smile on her face… about a tall Canadian? Yep, that dude with the tribal arm band must be Cory Monteith. Sounds like tonight is going to be a great night for Lea and Cory!

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