Lea Michele Shares Holiday Movie Favorites!

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‘Glee’ star Lea Michele can usually be counted on to give the world a play-by-play description of her television viewing habits during her down town. This week there was no exception to the rule when she took to Twitter to proclaim what her favorite holiday movies are.

Were the classics like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ ‘The Christmas Story,’ or ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?’ It turns out that Lea Michele settled in to watch a few that might not be on everyone’s list. Lea tweeted:

It’s almost Christmas!! Watching my fav holiday movies to get in the spirit: Family Stone, Love Actually and The Holiday.

Okay, these are some interesting choices there from Lea. She gave no indication that she forced her boyfriend, Leo Stockman, to sit through all of these movies with her. So, what does everyone think of Lea Michele’s favorite holiday movie picks? While many may go with the ‘Glee’ star, surely those who love those other three classics (plus many more) would respectfully disagree.

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