Lea Michele Was Bullied for Real Name Growing Up

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Lea Michele of ‘Glee’ is now revealing her real name and the bullying she had to deal with while growing up because of it. She was on ‘Late Night with Jay Leno’ talking about her experience.

Lea said that she has a 0 percent tolerance for bullying and one reason is that she had to deal with it while growing up. Her real first name is Lea, but her last name is not Michele. She grew up with the last name Sarfati which caused people to make fun of her all the time.

Lea Michele admitted she was called Lea So-Fatty and Lea So-Farty from her last name while she was in school. She gave the last name Michele at her first audition as a little girl and has just kept it ever since.

It is great that Lea spoke up and talked about the fact that she has been made fun of while she was growing up. It is very helpful to people who are bullied to see that they are not alone in this fight.

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