League of (Gray) Gentlemen

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A bunch of antediluvian kids (hand in hand) -
torpid, hunched – entreat precipitated juices
and cherished memories
to gambol in juvenile repose
with their immortal inklings.

Cloudy heads (four) dance
to the savory tune of melodies
which sparse lips lend a jingoistic flair to
and thus exhume a very eclectic youth,
which once appeared tangy to an untrained eye,
has a mellowed charm about it

They clap to cheer a treasured event
and punctuate cloistered existence
(in prevalent solitude)
with a hyperventilated laugh.
The withered, shriveled (sober) leaves
incessantly crackle (make merry)
under their feet, thus applauding
a phenomenal success at gray,
confabulated bukkake.

An evening in an evening, that is.

Author’s Note: In this verse, I’ve attempted to script an evening in which four not-so-young men relive their days of yore. They share the best that has bid them adieu for good and shrug off the forbearance that is anticipated.


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