Leah Calvert & Kail Lowry Discuss Their Relationship with Their Baby Daddies

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Leah Calvert and Kail Lowry have a lot of similarities in their lives. They both had children young and split with their respective partners months later. From there, they both moved on with new love, married, and had another baby. However, when it comes to their exes, the two Teen Mom 2 stars are in a very different place.

For Leah, dealing with her twins’ father, Corey Simms, and his new wife, Miranda Patterson-Simms, has been a breeze. But for Kail, having to interact and co-parent with her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, and his longtime girlfriend Vee Torres, has been challenging to say the least.

In a new interview with OK! Magazine on February 4, both girls spoke out about their relationships with their children’s father.

Starting off the conversation, Leah told OK!, “As long as [Miranda] takes care of them as if they’re her own when I’m not there, then I will always care for her and I will always respect her. I have to put my own feelings aside for my kids.”

Leah and Miranda don’t interact much, but for Leah, knowing that someone is there for her children, to mother them when she can’t, is ideal.

Kail isn’t in that same place.

“That’s so huge,” she said of Leah’s progress. “I mean I’m not even at that point yet. I hope that one day I will be in a place where I do feel that way, whether it’s Vee or someone else that Jo is with. I look up to Leah in that aspect because right now, I just don’t think that I’m in a place like that.”

Getting along with an ex is always going to take time, so Kail shouldn’t feel defeated in any way. Although things may not look positive at all times, they will get better. She just has to focus on her son and everything will eventually work itself out.

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