Leah Messer-Calvert Attacked By Husband’s Ex

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Anyone who follows Leah Messer-Calvert on Twitter may have noticed that her time line has been full of some angry tweets. The typically drama free and happy Teen Mom 2 star is dealing with a lot of jealous people and, for once, it doesn’t have anything to do with what is happening on the show. It seems that there are people vaguely connected to the reality show star who are trying to get attention for something that really doesn’t matter these days, but Leah is handling it the best that she can.

It is unclear how things started, but a girl who appears to have dated Jeremy Calvert around the time he was getting to know Leah went off on a Twitter rant saying some very mean things. All the while, she claims to be in a happy relationship, so there really isn’t any reason why she should be worrying about her ex or who he is with. Nevertheless, the girl claims that people are only hearing “one side of the story,” but does anyone really care to hear her side? She is someone who may have dated Jeremy for a short while and is now dating someone else, so what is there really to tell?

Leah seems to concur with that saying, “Both sides of what!? .. You are long gone. There’s no side anymore. #ItsBeenOver We have been married almost a year now, are you crazy? lol”

She and Jeremy will celebrate their one year wedding anniversary this April and it is a shame that, after all of this time, people are trying to cause them drama. By all accounts, the couple have kept to themselves and haven’t tried to start drama with anyone. Unfortunately, the drama has found them, but they are handling it great. After arguing a bit, some criticized Leah for the things that she said, but she was simply defending her family. The Teen Mom 2 star typically stays quiet on the social networking site unless people start taking jabs at her family, then she says something (and who can blame her?)

After all was said and done, Leah apologized for tweeting so much and said, “I’m really done with this. It’s honestly immature! I’m not gonna let miserable people bring my day down..”

It is great that Leah Messer-Calvert is taking the high road and isn’t letting people get to her. She and Jeremy Calvert are very happy together and that is all that matters!

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