Leah Messer Calvert: Baby Ali Hospital Update

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Fans of Teen Mom 2 have always enjoyed watching Leah Messer Calvert and her twin daughters. Ali was born with some developmental issues and, as a result, have had to be in and out of doctor’s all her life. Most recently, Ali has been in the hospital getting some tests done and, luckily, she has had all of her family there, but fans are still worried about the young girl.

On Thursday, Leah’s official fanpage released an update saying, “Ali had some testing done. Keep watching TM2 for updates and news about testing.”

So, it looks like those MTV cameras spotted in the photos yesterday were filming for an upcoming season of the show. Of course, fans are hoping that MTV won’t wait nearly a year to show the new footage like they have with the current season. Fans like to be up to date with the girls and it’s kind of hard when the show is so far behind with what is going on!

The page also shared some new photos of Ali in her hospital clothes. She looks a little out of it, perhaps from the testing or perhaps from such a long day. She is even seen eating a popsicle, so that must have lifted her spirits as well!

Despite the fact that everything is going well, Leah Messer Calvert is still a wreck saying, “The hardest part about being a mommy is pushing yourself to be strong for your children’s sake. #lovemydaughters”

It is never easy for a mother to watch her child go through medical tests or procedures, but Leah is a strong momma and has a lot of people supporting her and her daughter. It is clear that the entire family is thankful for all of the prayers that Ali is getting. Even though Leah wasn’t shy about her nerves being a wreck, she posted a video of little Ali snoring away while at the hospital.

Hopefully Ali will get to go home soon, but until then, she is a lucky little girl to have so much of her family there to support her!

Photo Credit: Leah and Jeremy Fanpage

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