Leah Messer-Calvert’s Husband, Ex-Husband Get Into a Fight

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Even though the new season of Teen Mom 2 has yet to air (one week to go!) the cast is already in New York City filming a new special. With that, a lot of fun photos have been shared by the cast, including one which shows Leah Messer-Calvert’s husband Jeremy Calvert fighting her ex-husband Corey Simms!

Okay, so the two aren’t really fighting, but rather are backstage and pretending to engage in a fight. The two men both have smiles on their faces and it is obvious that they are trying to show that they get along just fine.

It is great to see the two getting along, especially since the new season is going to show some drama. Leah and Corey come to terms with their divorce and she meets and moves on with Jeremy. The two decide to get married all while finding out they are expecting another baby. Of course, that was filmed nearly a year ago and everyone has had a chance to get over any hard feelings they may have had.

In a situation that would typically be hard to deal with, Leah Messer-Calvert, Jeremy Calvert, and Corey Simms have found a way to get along. While it is great for them, it is even better news for the twins, Ali and Aleeah. The two girls are lucky to have so many people who love them!

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