Leah Messer Discusses Car Accident

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Teen Mom star Leah Messer was involved in a car accident a couple of weeks ago when a deer hit her vehicle. Fortunately, the expectant mother wasn’t injured, but she is now talking about the scary moments of the crash.

“A deer hit my car, I freaked out. There was nothing I could do because the car coming in the other lane hit it first, and it kinda went crazy,” she tweeted. This sounds like a very scary situation and Leah is very lucky that she wasn’t badly hurt. When an animal as big as a deer (or heaven forbid, a moose!) runs across the street, you really don’t have many options. Since the deer hit another car first before hitting Leah’s car, she may have had less of an initial impact which could be why she wasn’t severely injured.

Leah Messer was definitely frightened when the deer hit her car, and if you have even been in an accident, you probably know how it feels when your body tenses up. It’s a feeling that may still haunt Leah if she has any “close calls” behind the wheel over the next couple of weeks.

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