Leah Messer Spends The Night With Her Beautiful Girls

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Leah Messer is currently heartbroken over the recent bad news regarding her daughter Ali. Ali has been dealing with medical issues for months and it’s been hard on all of the members of her family — especially her mother who has to sit back and watch her go through these medical issues. Last night, Leah let go of the stress and enjoyed some quality time with her girls.

“Bedtime with my beautiful baby girls! ,” she tweeted just before 10:00 pm. Leah’s stress is off the meters because of what she’s going through with Ali, but with two other daughters, she can’t afford to be distracted.

Leah has always loved being a mommy and while it sometimes comes with hardships, she seems to handle it well. Leah knows how important it is that she be there for all of her girls and in doing so, she’s actually helping herself. While Ali may need more attention, enjoying all of the girls individually is what is really important. Plus, focusing on the negative never helped anyone.

Hopefully, Leah can continue to stay positive and allow herself to find happiness in the special moments she shares with her family.

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