Leah Messer Talks About Moving On from Corey Simms

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Leah Messer and her husband Corey Simms split over a year and a half ago, but not much was said by either party because of their commitments with MTV. However, as the episode of Teen Mom 2 air, more and more information about their breakup has been revealed, and tonight after the new episode, Leah opened up about how she knew it was really the end for them.

While Leah may have been upset to find that her soon-to-be ex-husband had been chatting with other women, she was grateful for it in the end. “Knowing that he’s moving on—maybe it wasn’t really meant to be,” she says. “So, I was ready to take that next step and move forward as well.” It is definitely a bit odd to see two people move on from a marriage so quickly; their age speaks volumes. They were both young and treated the relationship as if they were simply boyfriend and girlfriend, which is likely why it ended so quickly.

Marriage is a big decision, and while they may have been in love, it just wasn’t quite enough. Now, they are both happily in love with other people and glad to have their messy split behind them. So, everything turned out for the best.

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