Leander and Hero

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Leander and Hero

Perhaps her light has blown out in the wind

That whips these waves. A moonless night and cold.

She gives me strength and soon my love will hold

These aching limbs within her arms. Come, land,

I tire. The taste of salt burns in my throat

And currents, chill, mislead. I swim for love.

Below me, lonely darkness, and above

Black clouds, no stars by which to navigate…

No, Neptune, no, not yet! I will not die,

And if I do it is for her. The swell

Defeats my strength. A voice? I hear you call,

But sound and wind and dreams fade far away…

Alone I sleep tonight as Hero waits,

Our love too soon extinguished by the Fates.


We were too young, though he was very sweet,

Two virgins in our teens who could not wait.

He was obsessed by me and passionate -

Could you resist a rugged athlete?

It had to end, so painful at the time,

But we lost touch. I never took his calls,

Preferring older men with faster cars

And more expensive tastes. Is that a crime?

Such was our fate, those were the dice I cast,

But could Leander, even in his prime,

Prevail against the ebbing tide of time

To reach the continent that is the past?

I ache for him, for love, one more embrace,

To taste again the sea-salt on his face.

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