LeAnn Rimes Defends Her “Scary Skinny” Body on Twitter After Posting Bikini Photos

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LeAnn Rimes took to Twitter once again to defend her scary skinny body. Do you think LeAnn is too skinny? Check out the photos below!

The controversy started (yet again) when the country singer tweeted a few photos of herself in a bikini while on her honeymoon. Fans and followers were outraged at her shockingly thin frame. One person tweeted, “Whoa, you’re scary skinny! Sorry don’t mean to offend but that’s a lot of bones showing through skin.”

Instantly, LeAnn was on the defensive. She fired back at the tweet saying, “Those are called abs not bones, love.” But are they? In her photos, her abs plays a secondary role to the bones sticking out all over her tiny body. Her hip and shoulder bones protrude more than they should. She really does look “scary skinny” rather than muscular and toned.

LeAnn is continually insisting that she eats, but she spends a lot of time in the gym and she’s not too thin, but she’s muscular. She continued to defend her body by tweeting, “thx but this is my body and I can promise you I’m a healthy girl. I’m just lean. Thx for your concern but no need too be.”

You be the judge. Check out the bikini photos that LeAnn Rimes posted to her Twitter account and share your thoughts below. Do you think she’s too skinny?

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