LeAnn Rimes Gets Tattoo For Eddie Cibrian

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This weekend, LeAnn Rimes tweeted pictures of her getting a new tattoo that she was getting for her husband, Eddie. The country singer tweeted a picture of an older man tattooing her foot. “Mark Mahoney ROCKS!,” Leann tweeted. “He’s awesome! He’s one if the coolest (guys) and best tattoo artists around.” So what did she have done? According to Examiner, the tattoo was inspired by sweet words that Eddie has said to her. It reads “the only one that matters.”

LeAnn is known for two things, depending on who you ask. Some know her as a popular country singer, who made top hits in the ’90s. For those who watch reality television shows, she is known as the woman who stole The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville’s husband, Eddie Cibrian. So LeAnn Rimes chose to get a tattoo done inspired by someone who left behind a wife and children in favor of herself.

Hopefully, LeAnn has changed Eddie’s cheating ways. Otherwise she may feel stupid if he leaves her for yet another woman, and tells this new woman the exact same thing. What would be even more odd is if Brandi spoke out on the matter, sharing with the world that she was once told by Eddie that she was the only one that mattered.

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