LeAnn Rimes Looks Like Courtney Stodden in Her Halloween Costume

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LeAnn Rimes’ Halloween costume is likely to cause a little controversy. And no, she didn’t wear one of those “Anna Rexia” outfits — instead she dressed up like a bride behaving badly that resembles Courtney Stodden a little too much.

Bride costumes were probably pretty popular this year, with many women dressing like Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian. However, LeAnn’s wedding-themed outfit was more trashy than classy.

Her Halloween costume was obviously meant to horrify mothers — LeAnn donned a white wedding dress complete with a baby bump and a trashy armband tattoo. However, her prop is what really made her outfit scary — she posed for pics with a cigarette in her hand and a pack of cancer sticks stuffed down the front of her dress.

Her husband coordinated his costume with hers by dressing like a white trash baby daddy getting ready for a shotgun wedding — he was almost unrecognizable with a mullet, camouflage cap, and armband tattoo of his own. Photos of their Halloween costumes can be seen here.

LeAnn Rimes was quick to tweet a disclaimer with her Halloween photos, lest her followers attack her (she was probably concerned about getting chewed out after the way some followers have criticized her for her frail frame). Here’s what she wrote: “Let’s put up a disclaimed right now… WE DO NOT condone anything that has to do with our costumes! All in fun!” Well, at least she doesn’t look quite as skeletal with a fake baby bump.

The really crazy thing about her wedding Halloween costume is how much she resembles teen bride Courtney Stodden, who luckily was not knocked up when she married her 51-year-old husband. It’s also interesting that LeAnn Rimes rocked a baby bump — is she trying to hint at something?

After all, her fellow singer Jessica Simpson decided to reveal her very real pregnancy on Halloween. So is LeAnn doing the same, or does she just have babies on the brain? What do you think?

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