LeAnn Rimes Responds to Breast Implant Rumor via Twitter

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LeAnn Rimes has finally responded to rumors that she got breasts implants. However, LeAnn played coy in her responses and didn’t really say whether or not she had actually gotten them. Leave it to the blonde country crooner to be sneaky! Rimes has plenty of experience in that department. Seriously, how else was she able to carry on an affair with her fiancé Eddie Cibrian while he was married to model, Brandi Glanville? Yeah, LeAnn is as sneaky as they come.

Anyway, RimesÂ’ addressed the rumor via Twitter. Her tweets were obviously meant as a way to have fun with the rumors. In one tweet, she stated, “I have an amazing spice rack on my top shelf….in my kitchen” and in another tweet, she actually did sort of address the breast implant rumor by saying, “The rumors are true….Eddie got chest implants….ok, there FINE.” Hmm, did she mean “there” or “theyÂ’re”?

Yeah, donÂ’t hold your breath waiting for a straight answer from LeAnn Rimes. It seems that sheÂ’s more interested in having a few laughs. Oh well, back to being a C-list celebrity for her and Eddie. ItÂ’s pretty funny because they are now known more as HollywoodÂ’s infamous cheating couple, with her being the trollop and him being just as bad.

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