LeAnn Rimes scary skinny at 99 pounds: Weight loss continues

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LeAnn Rimes’ career isn’t the only thing disappearing. Rimes is scary skinny at 99 pounds. The singer, if one can still call her that, is 5 feet, 5 inches tall and now her scrawny bones are protruding through her skin.

LeAnn was spotted on August 1 in Malibu showing of her bones, er, body. Everyone there was shocked that she looked that thin. However, the upside is that her mini-breasts, thanks to a boob job, look larger.

A source stated, “I was shocked when I saw her. She looked skinny as a rail and was tottering along on legs that looked as thin as pipe cleaners! LeAnn always dresses in a way that she shows off her body. She’s proud of her super-thin frame – short-shorts and high heels are her uniform. But it’s hard to tell if she’s just worked really hard in the gym and has a naturally skinny body or if she’s literally wasting away.”

Now, onto the potential reason LeAnn Rimes is so skinny. Friends of hers say that she is sticking to her thin look because she’s scared her husband, Eddie Cibrian, will cheat on her. Oh no! What a shocker. Seriously, Cibrian cheated on his ex-wife, Brandi Glansville, with homewrecking LeAnn, so why expect anything more? Once a cheater, always a cheater… Oh yeah, another upside to being so skinny is that if Rimes loses her house keys, she can now just slide her way under her door and into her home.

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