Leaving on May 21 Judgement Day? Group Will Care For Pets

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Reverend Camping and Christian Radio are trying to convince Christians to believe in the May 21 Judgement Day. This is the day of the Rapture and they will be leaving the world to go to heaven. Who will take care of their pets that they have left behind? The only option is to make arrangements with the atheists.

A company called Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA will care for your pet in the event you are called to heaven on May 21 Judgement Day. This organization operates with a group of 40 “animal lovers and atheists” in 26 states. For a fee of $135 for one pet and a charge of $20 for each additional pet, you can be assured that someone will care for your pet after you leave.

The website says they will only take dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and small caged mammals after the Rapture. If you have other animals, you need to find someone who you know is an atheist to care for your exotic pets after May 21st.

How does the company know their employees are atheists? They make them blaspheme against the Holy Ghost in accordance with Mark 3:29 of the New Testament. ”But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.” In other words, they take the Lord’s name in vain as proof they will be around after the May 21 Judgement Day.

At the bottom of their website, they state that a portion of income generated from the company goes to community food banks in Minnesota and New Hampshire. Whoa, back the horse up! You mean the money isn’t going towards taking care of people’s pets after Judgement Day? The money is going to food banks? Is this just a con? How do you know that these people will actually come and get your pets?

So, one lesson is learned here. If you’re trying to figure out who to leave your pets with, just have them swear against God, and you know your pets will be safe in their hands.

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