LeBron advises Chris Paul to Head West

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There are multiple reports that Chris Paul wants out of New Orleans.  My initial reaction was he probably wants to go out and win a few championships before his career is over.  Sounds very similar to another superstar that left his team recently, doesn’t it?  Well the fact is, there have been a few sources that have reported that LeBron James has indeed tried to push Chris Paul to leave the New Orleans Hornets.  The Hornets haven’t said much about possible trades involving Chris Paul, but they have said that their intention is to keep him in New Orleans.

There is reason to believe that Chris Paul could be headed to the Orlando Magic.  If he goes anywhere, it should be Orlando.  First off, it would create for more competition in the NBA this year, not just the Heat and Lakers in contention for the Finals.  The Magic would upgrade Jameer Nelson to Chris Paul which could create easier shots for Dwight Howard off the pick and roll.

According to Brian Windhorst, LeBron advised Chris Paul to go to the Western Conference.  LeBron has a close relationship with CP3, but he will think for himself before letting LeBron choose his outcome.  Honestly, the only reason LeBron wants him to go to the Western Conference is that the Heat will have the easiest course of getting to the NBA Finals.  Chris Paul and Dwight Howard could affect that path LeBron plans to take.  The Heat, who lack a starting center, would have trouble facing Howard.  The Magic beat LeBron in the playoffs in May of last year mostly due to Dwight Howard’s dominance in the paint.  In my opinion, either the Magic or the New York Knicks can pose the best destination for CP3 if he chooses to leave.

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