LeBron James’ Mom Rumored Affair with Delonte West

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LeBron James’ Mom Rumored Affair with Delonte West. Credible reports and certain less credible celebrity gossip blogs may reach the same conclusion for once. A report from TerenzOwens.com suggests that Gloria James, 42,  has had an affair with Delonte West, 26. Is Ms. James a cougar who has seducced LeBron’s teammate? Well, no one knows for sure if there was any seduction at all—-but it would explain a certain mysterious disappearance of Lebron James. Many speculate that LeBron James found out about the affair prior to the Cavaliers’ Game Four matchup against the Boston Celtics in their recently concluded playoff series.

James is widely regarded as one of the best players in the NBA and is known for his consistency and focus. That changed during Game Four of this second round series. James’, prior to Game 4, was scored 32 points per game, on average, and shot 55% from the field during the playoffs. But in games four, five and and six, LeBron scored 21 points a game and shot 33% from the field. James may have been in the game but the hungry and driven athlete that NBA fans have come to love exited the building after game four.

There has been no confirmation or denial of this rumor. If it is true,  Delonte West and Gloria James may have just cost Cleveland much more than a championship. This atypical performance will be forgotten and James will move on with his career. The real question is: “Will Lebron James be playing for the Cavaliers when he does it?”  Lebron could be coming to a city near you (if you’re in New York or Chicago).

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