LeBron James Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Return Off Table Now?

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LeBron James rumors might now indicate he won’t return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. These rumors stem from the Cavs deciding to fire general manager Chris Grant on Thursday (Feb. 6). The front office man is undoubtedly being blamed for the terrible basketball the current roster has been playing.

High expectations had been placed upon the team coming into the 2013-14 NBA season and a 16-33 start is not what they were looking to see. Especially not after finishing 24-58 last year and getting the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft yet again. It all fell apart this season, though, and Grant is getting blamed for it.

The reason that this has an impact on the future is that Chris Grant had been with the team since 2005. That’s where the LeBron James rumors surface, as it seemed like he would want to one day return to the franchise if Grant were still in charge. Now even the idea might be off the table.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, a move in a different direction is certainly needed, but it needs to start with the leadership in the locker room. If coach Mike Brown and point guard Kyrie Irving cannot get this team in line, then maybe both need to be shipped out on the next train.

Do you think that the Cavs are a franchise that can be fixed in the near future? Would LeBron want anything to do with the mess that they have created in the past three years?

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