Lee Child’s ONE SHOT: A Fun Read

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If you aren’t familiar with Lee Child’s books, as I wasn’t, you should know that his stories involve Jack Reacher, a former army officer who went to Westpoint, a big man who now, apparently, doesn’t own a home, a car, a cell phone, anything. Heck, he even buys clothes, wears them until they’re dirty, then gets rid of them. He’s a hard man to find, and he travels light.

But Jack Reacher is our hero.

In ONE SHOT Reacher comes to Indiana when he learns that a former soldier he knew in the army is accused of the mass murder of five people there who were leaving a DMV building. He finds out that all is not as simple as that, though, and he stays longer than he intended. (By the way, he wears the same $45 pants and shirt throughout the book.)

I had always avoided Lee Child’s books just because I assumed they were cheap fiction, the kind I see dozens of at used book sales. So ONE SHOT was my first because I was curious and because I got the book for free.

Now I think I’ll buy more. I enjoyed ONE SHOT. It’s not literature, but it’s a fine, well-written thriller. I’ll be picking up his novels when I see them in the future.

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