Lee DeWyze crowned American Idol! **Audition and Performance Videos too**

Tonight American Idol crowned its latest Idol Champ. According to Ryan Seacrest at the beginning of the show, only a scant 2% margin separated the votes for Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox. Both contestants were visibly nervous as Ryan read the results. Leading to a flabbergasted Lee nearly hitting the floor. When asked how it felt to be the new American Idol, his response was an honest “I don’t know” and he kept saying he was happy. From that interview Lee’s fans got the pleasure of a from the heart performance of “Beautiful Day” the first song he will release as Idol champion.

I am sure Crystal, as runner up, will do equally well and while she may not be the American Idol champ, her fans will be there when she is ready to release an album (hopefully soon.) Congrats go to both of these talented contestants.

Below you can find Lee’s audition video ( which Crystal is in.) as well as his performance after winning Idol.

**Sources Youtube.com and Fox TV

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