Left Attacks Stay-At-Home Mom, Ann Romney!

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In a shocking attack in the real ‘War On Women‘, a leftist pundit attacked Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney. Why? For not working outside of her home! Hilary Rosen is a Democratic Strategist, CNN Political Contributor and Obama apologist. She also happens to be a partner at SKDKnickerbocker, run by former Obama Communications Director Anita Dunn. You may remember Ms. Dunn as a fan of Chairman Mao. They also represent a client who helped to spawn the left’s newest manufactured ‘crisis’, Sandra Fluke. What a coincidence!

Ann RomneySo, there’s Ms. Rosen talking to Anderson Cooper about the ‘War On Women‘, in particular, how Mitt Romney is daring to take his wife’s opinion on the economic struggles facing women. “His wife has never actually worked a day in her life,” said Rosen. She also claimed, “He just doesn’t really see us as equal.” Stay-at-home moms all over the world balked at the working comment! Twitter is still buzzing about the serious lack of respect coming from Rosen towards working women. In response to all the buzz, Mrs. Romney started her own Twitter account, @AnnDRomney where she wrote, “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work.

Some of President Obama’s campaign staff, Jim Messina and David Axelrod have both wisely denounced what Rosen’s comments and suggested she apologize. Looks like they will have a long wait because Rosen isn’t sorry in the least bit. She wrote, “Spare me the faux anger from the right who view the issue of women’s rights and advancement as a way to score political points.” Beg your pardon, Ms. Rosen, but isn’t that exactly what you were doing on AC360, using the faux ‘War on Women‘ to further your political agenda?

Women have worked too hard to allow rhetoric like this to slide. Dana Loesch probably said it best, “If the goal of feminism is choice, Rosen betrays the mutual respect amongst members of the female sex by degrading the choices of other women. Considering Ann Romney is a breast cancer survivor who reared five children and played the backbone to her successful husband, I’m not sure this is a battle Democrats want to pick — especially with an opponent like Ann Romney, a breast cancer survivor living with MS who raised five children.” Damn right.

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