LEFT OF THE RIGHT: A Message To Democrats Who Say They Are Voting For McCain

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A new poll released Sunday indicated the percentage of Clinton supporters who say they'll vote for McCain or will not vote jumped to 27%. This is around twice the number of her supporters who were saying this back in June, just after Clinton conceded the primary to Barack Obama. And the New York Senator along with her husband, former president Bill Clinton have not helped the situation either.

Bill Clinton's endorsement of Barack Obama seemed about as sincere as 2 year old promising they won't get dirty when sent out to play. And now Hillary going along with her name being placed in nomination at the convention helped a lot too… NOT!!! And this in the face of Obama bending over backwards to make the Clinton's feel inclusive and important to the Party by granting them major speaking opportunities at the convention. Last week Bill Clinton was quoted praising McCain's energy plan. If the Clinton's are truly sincere in their desire to get Obama elected, then they have a weird way of showing it.

But it's you Democrats who are actually contemplating the idea of voting for John McCain or not voting that I want to address. I understand your disappointment that Clinton did not win our Parties nomination. And I'm not going to try and lump your motivations for thinking about not supporting Barack Obama into a single sound bite either. We all have our reasons for what we do. The problem is that this election represents a fork in the road for this country and making the right decision as to whom we want to lead us forward is more critical now than at anytime in my 50 years on this planet.

Since becoming politically aware I've watched the rift between Left and Right widen to the point of perpetual gridlock. However, this gridlock was broken in 2000 with the appointment of George W. Bush to the presidency by the U.S. Supreme Court. Instead of making an attempt to reach across party lines, Republicans simply went ahead with their plans to drastically reduce income taxes for the wealthy, unravel the role of government as an advocate for it's citizenry in regards to the economy and the environment, engage in ideological war mongering, and spending our tax dollars like a teenage girl with an unlimited credit card. All the while completely ignoring any protests by Democrats.

I have to now ask you Democrats who are actually thinking about voting for the geezer from Arizona. Do you really want four or eight more years of THIS?

Our economy is in the toilet, we have no energy plan, our reputation internationally is as bad as it's ever been, health care is in an all out crisis, and our constitution has been emaciated. I have a really hard time believing you've thought this through.

If you truly believe in the ideals the Clinton's and the rest of we Democrats do, then voting for McCain or even sitting this one out is a betrayal not to just the Democratic Party, but to your selves as well.


Devin Barber, Politics Correspondent

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