LEFT OF THE RIGHT: News Flash: The Conservative Revolution Is Over… The Progressive Revolution Has Begun

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I heard a very interesting bit of information while watching the Rachel Maddow show Tuesday night. Ms. Maddow was commenting that little could be gleaned from the primaries about how the elections in November will turn out. That is with the exception of measuring Party turn out. And as Rachel reported, it seems enthusiasm among Democrats has not diminished since 2008. She pointed to the over reported Republican primary in Kentucky where Rand Paul smoked his opponent. What wasn’t over reported though was the fact that the loser of that State’s Democratic primary received significantly more actual votes than Paul did. And that was in the Red State of Kentucky ladies and gentlemen.

So what the heck is going on here? Political activist and Special Assistant to President Bill Clinton for Public Liaison Mike Lux says the time is right for a Progressive Revolution. And if the direction U.S. politics has taken lately is any indication, he’s absolutely right. The national elections of 2006 and 2008 were phenomenal successes for progressives. And despite the Right’s lauding the election of Sen. Scott Brown (R) Mass. as proof of a backlash against progressive ideals, the facts indicate otherwise. The reality is that Democrats have overwhelmingly dominated the special elections that have taken place since 2008. And in this years primaries, moderate Democrats like Blanch Lincoln of Arkansas have faired very poorly. Lincoln is facing a run off race in her State in which she now trails her opponent Bill Halter in the polls by 3%.

A lot of media attention has focused on the TEA Party movement. But national polls have shown over and over that the actual numbers of voters who consider themselves part of that movement are quite small, less than 20%. Considering how much evidence has been produced that this so-called grass roots movement is anything but, it’s no surprise the movement seems to be fizzling out of existence. And propaganda coming from the Right in general has the feel of flim flam as well. A New Contract With America? Are the Republicans kidding? Is that all they could come up with? A rehash of the campaign they believed swept them into office in 1994? I believe the reality of the hit the Democrats took back then was because they failed to deliver on health care. But that isn’t the case this time.

I think a lot of people are still in shock over the final passage of a health care reform law after a hundred years of trying. That was huge people and combined with the expected passage of a financial regulatory reform bill along with a long list of successes in other matters, it’s going to pretty hard for the Right to call the Democrats failures no matter how much they disagree with the progressive agenda.

As hard as it may be for our conservative brothers and sisters to accept, the Progressive Revolution has commenced and isn’t about to be derailed by some fake movement like the TEA Party, or by the Right Wing Propaganda of inevitability. The reason being that from 1980 to 2008 conservatives controlled this country and nearly destroyed it and the people have not forgotten. By 2008 our government was bankrupt resulting in the near destruction of our entire economy. Our international reputation was in the toilet. And our States, Counties, and Cities were slowly starving to death. In just 16 months the Democrats saved the economy from a Depression. Gave our international reputation a complete make over. And successfully passed a health care reform law at the same time. And that’s just hitting the highlights.

As I predicted when I began writing for Gather, the political pendulum has swung Left. And as more and more is learned about how conservatism failed the working people of this country, I think it will be some time before it swings Right again… if ever.


Devin Barber, Politics Correspondent

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