Left of the Right: Predictions of GOP take over more Propaganda than Fact

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Republicans are without doubt the masters of propaganda. Their ability to work virtually any idea, regardless how outrageous, into the psyche of the American people is astonishing. For the upcoming election it has been the idea of the inevitability of a Republican sweep giving them control of both houses of congress.

On the Rachel Maddow show, Oct. 4th, MSNBC, Rachel reported that the logic behind talk of a Republican sweep of congress was an enthusiasm gap. By all accounts the Republicans have it and the Democrats don’t. And by what was seen with all the TEA Party rallies and so on it was easy to believe. The driving force behind the enthusiasm being anger at President Obama and the Democrats.

But is there really an enthusiasm gap? Or is it that we’ve been so barraged with TEA Party news and the constant drumbeat of every Republican with a voice repeating it over and over that it just seems real. A new Newsweek poll out Oct.1st reveals a pretty wide disconnect between what we’ve been “conditioned” to believe and what is actually going on. According to this newest poll the generic Republican vs. Democrat for congress poll shows the Democrats leading the Republicans 48% to 43%. And the result of the “I will definitely vote” category the Democrats lead the Republicans 50% to 42%.

The most obvious contributing factor most likely is the recoil TEA Party candidates have caused among reasonable voters on both sides. But a deeper, more long term factor is the changing demographics among the U.S. population. But it’s not so much a gravitation to the Democratic Party as it is a rejection of a Party that continues to stand in the way of desperately needed progress and demonstrates a tendency for intolerance.

John Boehner says that for the Republicans it is simply a matter of getting their message out. However, more and more it appears the American people have heard’ the Republicans message and don’t like it.


Devin Barber, Politics Correspondent

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