LEFT OF THE RIGHT: What The Heck Is Going On In South Carolina’s Senate Election?

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Wearing a suit so new you could almost see the price tags dangling from it, Alvin Greene stood before cameras for an interview with MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann Thursday. On Tuesday the never before heard of Mr. Greene had pulled off a huge upset by defeating the well established politician Victor Rawl in South Carolina‘s Democratic primary. But how in the world did a complete unknown with absolutely zero political credentials pull off such a stunt?

Suspicious is the fact that an unemployed man was somehow able to come up with the $10,440 filing fee required to get on the ballot. He said he saved the money from his military pay. Greene left the military in August after 13 years. The hole in Greene’s story is that last year he was charged with Felony obscenity and applied for and was approved for a public defender. You don’t get a public defender if you have $10,000 in the bank. Unless you’re hiding it in your mattress and lying about it

The very well known congressman Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., has asked authorities to investigate this most curious phenomena. Top Dem wants mystery candidate investigated. How in the world did a complete unknown with no political chops whatsoever decidedly win his Parties primary election for the U.S. Senate? Especially in light of the fact that Mr. Greene conducted no fundraising and basically did nothing to campaign at all.

Some Democrats on Capitol Hill have speculated that Alvin Greene is a plant backed by Republicans. Considering that South Carolina is an open primary State. Meaning Republicans are permitted to vote in the Democratic primary and vice versa. There is at least the possibility that a very serious and illegal manipulation of the election process has taken place. If true, it will be a blow to the Right of truly Biblical proportions.

And if Greene’s performance during his interview with Keith Olbermann is any indication of the validity to that charge, then we may be seeing the beginnings of a story that will eclipse even the Gulf oil spill disaster. In all my years of observing politics, I’ve never seen a more bizarre interview with a person seeking elected office. This guy was more like one of those poor people that had witnessed some kind of disaster, but possessed the communication skills of a 4 year old, but get interviewed anyway. Just the way he was giving yes and no answers should prove this guy is a fake. What real politician ever gives yes or no answers? And there was no surprise when after the interview Keith indicated that Greene had a guy he said was his lawyer just off camera apparently feeding the answers to him.

As of the posting of this articles, there are far more questions than answers to this mystery in South Carolina. But from what I’ve observed so far, the idea this unemployed, accused pervert just decided to use the $10,440 he apparently lied to the State of South Carolina about having to run for the U.S. Senate is way more far fetched than the “Republican plant” theory. Stay tuned…


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