LEFT OF THE RIGHT: Why Are Communist Hating Republicans Creating A Soviet Style Police State In Arizona?

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The scene is a train station. A young couple races to board their train as a conductor yells “last chance to board.” But before they reach the door 2 uniformed officers stop them and demand their papers. The young man asks why they are being detained. One of the officers responds that they “looked” suspicious.

Sound like a scene from an old black and white movie about life behind the iron Curtain pre 1990? Yeah, but it will also be a scene played out all over the State of Arizona soon if the courts don’t step in. The law of which I speak mandates that all law enforcement officers in Arizona demand proof of citizenship of anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. Imagine a scene like the one I described above playing out right here within the borders of the nation that brags that it is the bastion of freedom and in the year 2010 for Pete’s sake!

The Right wing crazies in the 48th State even have fellow Republicans scrambling for cover with this one. But considering just how far off the Right wing cliff Arizona’s Republicans have gone in the past, I’m not a bit surprised. This is the State that started the “English only” craze. And it’s also the State that elected the Napoleon like psycho Even Mecham. He was the governor that suspended the MLK Jr. holiday and referred to black children as pica ninnies. He was eventually impeached, convicted and suspended from office for embezzlement and obstruction of justice. Suffice it to say that Arizona politics can be bizarre.

The discussion over this development has focused on Hispanics and with good cause. And that is because the very nature of the law requires police to profile people which is… uh… illegal. Mmm… looks like a little conflict of interest there… The idea a State would dare to make a law that interferes with a citizens freedom to move about their own country without carrying proof is an idea ripe for legal challenges. I’m very confident this law will not survive the courts given it’s outlandish nature.

The more philosophical question though is… what the hell are these people thinking? One thing for sure is that it is a very good example of Republican hypocrisy. If I had a dime for every time one of my Republican brothers or sisters has called me a communist or says that I promote a Soviet style government, I’d be a millionaire. Yet they are willing to make a law that’s so much like what we saw behind the Iron Curtain it’s down right creepy. Oh, I’m sure these “whites only” thugs are quite confident the only people being stopped will be “brown.” So having their police behave like the KGB when it comes to Hispanics is ok. But I’d bet my left leg that if they were the ones that had every cop they see giving them the hairy eye ball and worrying about whether they remembered their “papers,” this law would be overturned faster than Fritos disappear at a Pot party.

While I’m confident that these idiots will have their moronic law stricken down soon. I’m always a bit un-nerved when I see what for all intents and purposes look like adult human beings do crazy-assed things like this. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that while humans may look alike, we obviously occupy several levels of mental evolution. But that’s a subject for a whole other article.


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