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“John’s a big man, all of 6’4”, weighs about 210 with a muscular build. You wanna’ know how he got those muscles?”


“Yeah, I’m listenin’. Go ahead and talk.”


“Well, you know the story and how it goes; His ole man used to hit on him an’ his momma quite regular. Then, his dad went missin’ and a tugboat captain found his bloated body just a while afterwards. Of course, the cops did their investigation, but even though suspicions fell on the boy, they didn’t push hard to know the truth. They felt sorry for him an’ his mom.”


“Humph! I didn’t come here for a sob story…”


“Wait! I ain’t done yet…I got it from reliable sources, the boy was seen heftin’ somthin’ over the bridge the night his dad disappeared. That’s not all, though. Since he’s grown up, it seems he’s been seen every so often droppin’ garbage off that same bridge. Then, within a few days, the newspapers splash another ugly mug across their pages, saying so-an-so’s gone missin’.”


“That doesn’t prove he’s guilty of anything except pollutin’ the water.”


“You want proof? How about lookin’ at these pictures? How many times you seen the likes of Kelly having his head pushed down into a big bag?”


“Pass me that book! Hmmm…Okay. I have to admit, it does seem mighty incriminating for John.”


“It sure does! I told you I’d get a job promotion out of this!”


“Well, I’m gonna’ take a heap of pride in busting your bubble!”


“Ha! You can’t! I have the proof right here in my hand! You’re just jealous that I scooped ya’ on the story. I can’t help it if John turned mean ‘cause his ole man hit him a time or two. You know he could’ve made better decisions an’ his life would have been worth more than a flash-in-the-pan news story. When the News Yorkie hits the stands in the morning the whole grimy underworld will be turned upside-down an’ the whole world will be the better for it.”


“You know? You’ve been kickin’ me around every since we were twins in our mom’s belly, but just maybe this time you’re not gonna’ win.”


“You always have been optimistic, but there’s really not much hope for a foolish man. Didn’t you hear me? Didn’t you see what I just showed you? I know, you’ve always felt pity for John every since the two of you sat on our steps shootin’ slingshots. That’s why I called you here tonight, to soften the blow a bit when this story explodes.”


“Ha! That’s okay! This time, I don’t need anything from you! This time I hit pay dirt! You ever heard of DeeAnna Sayer? Well, she’s coming to town tomorrow with all her camera crew.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Yes, you heard me right! She’s coming because of my scoop! The truth is, John has been involved with the underground gang, but for a much different reason than you thought. You see, he an’ I have been involved in producing a musical. We’ve spent lots of hours getting known criminals involved in cleaning up their acts. Finally, after many revisions on the script and costumes, the program is debuting on stage tomorrow. What your pictures show is John discarding the defective costumes! DeeAnna’s news release goes national, telling how John worked tirelessly with the Prosecutor’s office to create new lives for all those missing people. Those ‘mugs’ are reappearin’ in our musical. So, if your nitro pill works well enough, here are two tickets to our opening night. If you look closely, you’ll find me. I’ll be the character slightly left stage with a big smirk on my face!”


“I guess I rightly deserve that. Okay, I’ll be there. After all I guess you’ve earned revenge!”


“There’s another thing though, that I haven’t mentioned yet.”


“What? Haven’t you cast your barbs well enough? Can’t you see I’m beaten?”


“I told you DeeAnna was bringin’ her camera crew, but there’s a hitch. She’s lookin’ to hire someone for a temporary position, with a chance of it becoming something more.”


“How does that have anything to do with me?”


“Well, I remember, years ago how you lost the camera job you loved so well. I also realize you took this reporting job just to take care of your family. Despite our conflicts, I always hated that for you. So, when I found out Miz Sayer was short a cameraman, I dropped your name. She agreed to try you for the review of our musical and, if all goes well, she’ll hire you permanently…”


“Whaat the..”


“…of course, you’ll have to turn down these free tickets, and be willing to work for twice what your current salary is.”

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