Left tactic is to use the bully pulpit!

How does the left also known as liberals intend to keep Obama in office? They do it by attacking every word and policy of the right. In third grade, these people were called bulllies. One has to put aside their Christian / Muslim beliefs to appease the left, or they will call names.

The left uses words like racist, homophobe, and bigot to push aside the belief of others. They attack with their politically correct jargon because they have no belief system of their own. They will use the death of Matthew Shepard like a flag of righteousness. No one left or right approves of murder, but when a Christian or any other religion states their belief they are called names.

The left attacks in packs like wolves or like bullies in playground. Here’s their problem: we have your number. Now, it is a game we play. With the recent attacks on Herman Cain, we can call you racists. With terrorist threats on Baptist churches, we can call you, bigots.

One word I haven’t heard in awhile is Hitler, but even that name is bandied about when the liberals really want to make a point. Case in point, my article from the other day. READ!

The pastor is being attacked for stating his views. Is it not wrong to use terrorist tactics on the right or left? My goodness, some folks are losing their grip. This is why we can nothing done in Congress because we are so far apart on the basic belief system.


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