Lega-C Confirms Secret Sex Tape by Ex: ‘Don’t Be a H8ter!’

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Imagine being a little-known rapper about to explode on the Hip-Hop scene and an ex-boyfriend comes along and releases a secret sex tape, trying to cash in. That’s what so-called “White Girl Rapper” Lega-C is up against.

Never heard of her? That’ll change. Lega-C is responsible for a new niche in Rap music, called “fast rap” which relies on the talent of squeezing as many rhymes as humanly possible in between breaths. She’s fantastic at it.

Her first single, White Girl Raps Fast, had fair success on YouTube when it was released a few months ago. But its uniqueness caught the ears of producers at Block Starz Music who quickly signed her to a recording contract and are busy putting together her first album.

That’s where the sex tape comes in. Seems Lega-C made the mistake of trusting a former boyfriend who secretly filmed them having sex and saved it to his hard drive. She also posed for some nude photos with a pet snake. Sounds like the usual run up to a rap career, so what’s the problem?

It seems that Lega-C (real name Danielle McLean) is not on board and wants her fans to know that the inevitable release of the sex tape, which, apparently she can do nothing about, is against her wishes.

“I am trying to be a role model for young women and I have a feeling when I get just big enough these things will be released,” Lega-C explains. “I like to be ahead of the game, so if it comes out later on down the line, people who support me won’t think I’m on some hypocrite type sh*t. I’m not proud of it, but it happened.”

Hmmm… sound like a publicity stunt? Well, if so, it’s working! But the real question is, does Lega-C have the talent to weather this coming storm? Are her musical skills great enough to make fans forget her past indiscretions?

Here’s the sanitized (meaning bleeped) version of the first video which is making Lega-C famous.

Just don’t count on seeing the next one posted here…

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