Leiby Kletzky Murder Details Hidden from Family Members

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Leiby Kletzky, the 8-year old Jewish boy from NYC, was suffocated amd brutally murdered by a sick and demented individual. Even though most of the United States is aware of many details in the murder, family members of the slain child are trying as hard as they can to keep the details of his death from his mother and ill grandmother.

The mother of Leiby Kletzky is obviously aware that her son is dead, but the father of the young boy and close friends are trying to shield her from the gruesome details surrounding his death. His grandmother, who is gravely ill, doesn’t even know that her darling grandson is dead. Certainly there is a point to shielding members of the family from the kidnap, murder and dismemberment of the Kletzky’s only son; But it’s also kind of unhealthy.

One of these days, these family members will hear the details, or they will stumble upon them in a news article or online blog. This is the age of information, and in a high-profile case such as this one, it’s quite difficult to keep people in the dark about the details. It’s already been revealed that the child was suffocated by Levi Aron and then promptly dismembered with a set of knives. When police arrived at the man’s apartment, they discovered the knives, a cutting board and the young child’s severed feet among other body parts in the fridge. The rest of the child’s remains were encased in a red suitcase and thrown into a dumpster not far from Aron’s apartment.

Levi Aron originally said he panicked and killed the boy after he noticed that the missing child had attracted so much attention; but it’s been revealed that Aron may have a history of attempted child abductions. He also lived in Tennessee and Arkansas, where he worked as a butcher. Hopefully he is not behind any of the missing children’s cases in these two states, but if he is, it’s lucky that he is already in custody.

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