Lennon’s Fingerprints Confiscated by FBI

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A card containing John Lennon’s fingerprints were confiscated by the FBI on Wednesday. Lennon’s fingerprint card was part of an online auction set for Saturday, the same day as John’s 70th birthday.

John Lennon (New York City) Music Poster Print - 24x36Government officials saw a televised story which featured several items in an upcoming auction of Beatles and celebrity memorabilia, among those items were a card which contained John Lennon’s fingerprints.

The store which had Lennon’s fingerprint card was GOTTA HAVE IT! Apparently, the FBI really did have to have it because they faxed GOTTA HAVE IT! a supeona and then promptly showed up and seized Lennon’s fingerprints.

John Lennon’s fingerprint card was made in 1976 during the time he was applying for US citizenship. Speaking about the FBI showing up and taking away his set of Lennon’s fingerprints, GOTTA HAVE IT!’s Peter Siegal said, “This great icon has been deceased for 30 years. This is not a national threat.”

FBI’s spokesman James Margolin said, “We’re investigating how the item came to be in a private collection. It is apparently a government document and would not normally be in the commercial stream.”

Hopefully when the FBI figure out how this set of Lennon’s fingerprints were released to the public (probably sold secretly), they will let us all know. That was most likely a very interesting story.

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