Leon Sandcastle video: NFL Super Bowl Commercial with Deion Sanders a Hit

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Leon Sandcastle has swept the Internet in the latest viral trend as fans find out who the star was during the Super Bowl commercial. While the Super Bowl is all about football and the Super Bowl commercials are all about products, it appears that the NFL Network Super Bowl commercial is attracting the majority of attention and it isn’t even pitching a physical product.

New Meadowlands Stadium Mezz CornerThe setup of the commercial is rather simple as Deion Sanders seeing youngster players that he knows isn’t as talented as he is. Deciding to enlist in the draft, the fictional character Deion Sanders has come up with is Leon Sandcastle. This so-called player has the best combine performances and looks to be the 2013 draft pick for the Kansas City Chiefs. Sharing the excitement of once again becoming the best, the retired football player is picked and stands up on stage with the new jersey for all to see.

While the fictitious character stands in front of a room to accept his new position, the star is all smiles. Of course the commercial is for the NFL Draft picks which can be seen on the NFL Network.

As the variance of Super Bowl commercials caught different people’s attention, there wasn’t any doubt the majority of fans loved commercials focused on football and the traditions of the big game. From Sandcastle’s fun moment to Joe Montana’s stain in the Tide Super Bowl commercial, the hook of the message being part of the game definitely made the commercials more entertaining.

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