Leona Lewis Covers Nine Inch Nails Song

Leona Lewis is loved the world over for her soulful voice, but she generally doesn’t share the same fans devoted to hardcore rock. Lewis may, however, make some progress in courting lovers of rock music, thanks to her recent cover of Hurt. Originally made famous by the Nine Inch Nails, this song sounds equally amazing when belted out by Lewis.

Star return ... Leona Lewis

Hurt has been covered by multiple artists in the past, including, most famously, Johnny Cash. In fact, critics argue that the Leona Lewis version is not so much a cover of the Nine Inch Nails as it is a cover of Johnny Cash. As in the Johnny Cash cover, Lewis replaced certain phrases in the lyrics. For example, “I wear this crown of thorns” took the place of “I wear this crown of shit.”

Although some may object to this more contemporary interpretation of a famous Nine Inch Nails song, few can deny that Leona Lewis has an amazing set of lungs. And fans will only appreciate her ability to bring something new to a haunting song.

Photo Source: The Sun

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