Leonardo DiCaprio Not Losing Job over Pizza

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Leonardo DiCaprio loves pizza, but is he “hooked?” The producers of his current gig—a biopic of FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover—may very well have asked Leo to bulk up a bit. Pizza is known for accomplishing that, and padding is so—padded looking! The National Enquirer was first and perhaps the only source to parlay this speculation into a story that “Leonardo DiCaprio has gotten hooked on pizza.” They further observed that “producers fear his waistline could reach titanic proportions.”  Was his very job in jeopardy?

Not, says Gossip Cop. There must be some truth and non-truth here that a person could sort out. First, is pizza fattening? Yes! If you eat multiple slices of the stuff daily, will you gain weight? Probably.  This one is more difficult. Would producers actFile:LeonardoDiCaprioNov08.jpgually tell Leonardo DiCaprio to gain weight for this role? Everyone knows producers of big money movies have that kind of nerve, and they have asked stars to re-make their bodies before, so this is a strong probability.

Fortunately here may be where the truth ends. Has he gone off the deep end into the pepperoni? Is DiCaprioÂ’s entire wardrobe splitting at the seams? Is the film going down the tube? Not!

There’s partying to add to the claim, and all around unprofessionalism, but Gossip Cop refutes it all. More unnamed sources say just the opposite. Leonardo DiCaprio is “nothing but professional,” emphasizes an insider. Fans will just have to wait and see.

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