Leonardo DiCaprio to Fly Around World for Global Warming

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Leonardo DiCaprio must have missed the irony in his statement, “I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.” Will the fabulously wealthy actor take a private jet?

The Mother Nature Network reported that DiCaprio plans on taking a break from acting in order to fight “wildlife crime,” by “teaming” with the World Wildlife Fund’s “Hands off my Parts” program, which is not a pro-abortion message, but an initiative to save “wild elephants, rhinos and tigers” from being poached. It is unclear how the money solicited to help these animals will actually be used.

According to the MNN piece, the “Hands off my Parts” campaign “is a week-long effort tied to WWF’s Stop Wildlife Crime campaign to raise awareness and mobilize support to end the illegal trade of wildlife.” The main action item seems to be “calling on Thailand’s government to show leadership on elephant conservation by shutting down its ivory market before the country hosts a meeting of 177 nations on wildlife trade in March 2013″. So do the donations go to airfare to Thailand? Website maintenance? Pardon the skepticism, as preserving wildlife is undoubtedly a noble cause. But for Leonardo DiCaprio, whose Malibu property is currently on the market for $23 million, while he floats around in a yacht and flies around on a private jet, to preach to the Thai government on “wildlife crime” seems to be a tad hypocritical.

Image Source: Kathryn MacLeod via Vanity Fair

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